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Tick, Tock, REcycle

I have been playing with paper, or more specifically card, recently and turning it into clocks.

It took a lot of time to cut out all the layers, then glue them all together but it gives a surprisingly sturdy result. I am really pleased with them and have lots of ideas for other designs.

After that I painted everything black, with several layers of paint, then added a top layer of burnished bronze paint.

The clock movements are the silent quartz style. What do you think? Available at Etsy

Cardboard Bee Clock

More Minis…

Here are four more little abstracts. This series is turning out to be fun. Challenging but also an opportunity to try out various ideas.

These are the same size as yesterday’s bunch, 2.5 x 3.5 inches, in a 6 x 8 inch off white mount. I used watercolour, ink, Neocolor 2 and a touch of acrylic on watercolour paper.

I will be putting these into a local gallery, Elgin Gallery, rather than on Etsy as I did with yesterday’s selection, which you can view here.