Fabulous new brand of watercolours! Creepers and Grannies…

First of all I must apologise, as this review is long overdue. A couple of months ago, after reading glowing reviews of Roman Szmal‘s Aquarius watercolour paints, I decided to splash out and buy some. I got a bit carried away and ordered 53 pans of paint. Part of the reason for ordering so many was that I ordered them from Poland: https://www.szal-art.pl/szmal-aquarius-akwarele-w-kostce_1857_8170/ It was more economical on postage to buy in bulk. Another reason was the very reasonable cost of the paint, from 1.75 euros per full pan.

Since then, Jackson’s Art in the UK : https://www.jacksonsart.com/roman-szmal-aquarius-watercolour-paint have started stocking them, although they are a little more expensive there, starting at £2.50 a pan. To be honest, I would probably order from Poland again as they were sent out the same day as I ordered and only took a week and a half to arrive.

I had meant to do a review as soon as I received them but time got away from me. As you can see I have been playing with these quite a bit since I bought them. These two boxes are cheap ones that I bought off Amazon and filled with the Aquarius paints. All except two of the pans in them are Aquarius. One, Cobalt Teal, was a colour that was out of stock when I ordered, so I substituted a Daniel Smith tube paint in that pan. The other non- Aquarius paint is another Daniel Smith, Serpentine Genuine, which I couldn’t find an equivalent of in the Aquarius paints.

I have to say that I absolutely adore these paints. As you will see if you look at my doodles below, I am fascinated by granulating colours (grannies). Many of the Aquarius paints granulate beautifully. Another thing that I love are what I call the creeper paints, which force their way into other pigments. So for example Cherry Quinacridone Red (PR209) put down alongside Perylene Green (PBk31) will push into the patch of green and all but take over. Many of the quinacridone colours behave in this way. Another example is Cobalt Turquoise (PB36) and Naples Yellow Deep (PBr24), this time it is the turquoise that pushes the yellow.

I very much enjoy using these paints, they are rich and lift up readily from the pan. There are a total of 140 colours! 116 of the colours, are single pigment colours which is great and the ones that are mixes are really useful ones. There are a couple of lovely greys, Shadow Violet and Przybysz’s Grey as well as some colours that settle into their component colours as they dry giving some beautiful effects. All of the colours are wonderful. 🙂

I think that as soon as I can save up some more money I will be trying the rest of colours on offer. I can thoroughly recommend these paints to anyone, amateur or professional. They are high quality paints at an affordable price.

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