Do you think that my gauge is off?

I saw a very cute pair of crochet mitts on this site

The blogger who runs the site, Freecell Penguin, has very kindly shared her pattern, so I thought that I would try it.

The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn and a size H hook, which as far as I know is a 5mm hook, and the pattern is sized for an adult. However being awkward I thought that I would like to make a child sized pair. I decided that I would use a 4mm hook and DK yarn which – you would think wouldn’t you – would make for a smaller mitt. Hmmm!

By the time that I had crocheted the cuff I realised that they were way too big for any child that I know. Not to be deterred I decided to carry on anyway and modify the rest of the glove to fit me. So instead of a slit for the thumb I did a thumb gusset and made the whole mitt a bit longer.

So, yes, I think that my crochet is a bit off gauge!

As I have hands covered in paint I decided that modelling them wasn’t an option.

Anyway, many thanks to Freecell Penguin for her generosity in making this pattern available.

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