Crenova Trail Camera

I recently decided to buy a trail camera to see what creatures might be prowling around our garden. I had one a few years ago but it had a poor design and eventually succumbed to water ingress.

I decided to send off for a medium range one, not the cheapest but neither was it the most expensive one on offer. I was so excited when it arrived and ran out to set it up in a reasonably busy location, frequented by passing cats and cockerels.

An hour or so later I went out and collected the sd card, put it into the computer and… one very blurry picture! I tried again in a different location, with similar results. It got sent back immediately. Grrr!

Next I changed tactics, looked on Amazon and went for the next to cheapest trail camera that I could see that didn’t have rubbish reviews. I picked a Crenova, I paid about a tenner less than the price on   It is also on

It arrived very quickly. I had a couple of days playing around with it and decided that it is way better than the more expensive brand that I had previously bought. I am so glad that I got it. The night time images are in black and white because it uses infra red lighting to illuminate the subject. The images are great though.

I did have a couple of queries about using the camera that I sent to the Crenova support team, which were quickly resolved. They were brilliant, very friendly and helpful.

Daytime shots are in colour and very clear. You can set it to take either still images, movies or time lapse photos. All have various subsidiary settings with them, such as how many shots to take once the sensor has triggered.

So far I have seen fox, badger, deer, various birds.

Here’s a short video, I have had to convert it from avi to mp4 format to reduce the file size but hopefully it will still play for you! When I first watched it I thought “we have sheep?”, then a couple of seconds later I thought “doh!”.

I will post any more interesting things that it catches as and when they occur.

Welcome to the new blog, website, thingy!

Well, I finally took the plunge and decided to update my website. Whilst I was at it, I also decided to incorporate my blog into the same place.

In recent months, I have completely neglected my website in favour of my blog. I decided that it will be simpler to have just the one site. My old blog, is still there if you want to look around old posts but I won’t be adding any new posts to it, apart from one to say that I have moved it here.

I also intend to write more frequent posts to this site, hopefully at least once a week, maybe twice, so get ready for some random stuff coming up soon. Please let me know if you spot any typos or odd things, although there may well be odd things that are supposed to be – well odd! 🙂

I have added a few gallery pages that will showcase my work. There will be a lot more stuff added to it as time goes on, so make sure and come back to check it out over the next few weeks.